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Just in time for Halloween.... "SKULtacular"!!

Halloween is in 2 days! So..... here is a little spooky fun for you! Grab your kids or your bubble buddies and give it a try!

I used glow in the dark paints, but any paint will do! And I included a traceable for the skull in the YouTube video description!!

I'm not really a spooky-image-loving person--I'm more about glitter & sunshine or puppies and ice cream, lol!!!! But I had a ton of fun with this one!! I used glitter, glow-in-the-dark paints, fluorescent paints and stencils to create a less spooky vibe! If you want to try, you can make it as spooky (or not) as you like. But, make sure to protect your surroundings when you are flicking paint!!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

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