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Happy New Year to all!

It's been quite the year, 2020! Yet through it all, I've been so amazed at the resiliency, the creativity and the kindness of those of you in my circle! Thank you so much for making 2020 far more joyful than it ought to have been!

I started putting up videos on my YouTube channel in June, and it's been a really amazing journey learning how to take my skills as an artist and teacher online! In the New Year, I will continue to put up content weekly on YouTube for all of you to enjoy.

Here is todays (click pic to go to the video):

I will also be launching my online art training cooperative in FEBRUARY --A group training program focusing on the basics of painting both realism and abstract pieces. This is a beginner-level program which includes pre-recorded art lessons (much more detailed than my public YouTube channel), as well as weekly zoom meetings where I will 'premiere' the new video content with you, then work on the concepts together. This way, in addition to learning to paint, you also benefit from hands on training, mentoring, encouragement, accountability, and best of all, community! We all need each other right now, and I have found that 'makers' (that's you) are the most amazing people to have in your corner!

For 'beta' members, in exchange for helping me test out the program, I will be offering the program at half price with options to pay monthly or yearly! The program hasn't rolled out yet, but please email me if you want to be notified when it's available:

Most of you are here because you have enjoyed classes with me in the past, but if you want a reminder about my teaching style, please visit my YouTube channel here and take a look at some of my videos:

And I want to wish all of you a safe,

creative & happy New Year!!

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