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Becoming a Bloomin' ZOOMER BOOMER

Becoming a Bloomin' ZOOMER BOOMER!! :)

Part of adapting to 2020-21 for me was going online with both live and edited video.
My HIGH TECH studio setup

At my age, I never imagined I would be a techie! But here I am trying to bloom where I'm 'trans-planted'. The pandemic has changed life in so many ways, and I've found myself needing to adapt and change along with it.

The journey so far has included:

  • -launching a YouTube art channel

  • -learning to stage, film, edit and promote videos

  • -buying a CRAZY amount of tech gadgets

  • -learning about online marketing and content creation

  • -re-designing my website (many times)

  • -re-branding my business

  • -learning to thrive on zoom (well, sort of)

  • -launching an online abstract art academy

  • -adapting paint & sip pARTies to an online platform...

...all while attempting to flourish and grow in my own artistic journey!

WHEW!! It has been a lot. Really. And why am I telling you this? For sympathy? A pat on the back? Well, maybe a little...

But mostly, I wanted to inspire you. I was meditating on how important it is for humans to be adaptable, open and flexible in life, and how very challenging that can be. It takes all you've got, and then some... But it is so incredibly worth it. Every step; every victory; every setback; every tear. It's transformative, liberating, meaningful, empowering...

I dare you to move. I dare you to leave your comfort zone. I dare you to hang on to your dream no matter what obstacles stand in the way. Circumstances will never be perfect. It will never be easy. But if not now, when? Don't wait until things change (or things get back to 'normal').

I wish I would have started sooner... 'believed' sooner. At the rate I'm going, I'll be into my 60's when my dreams inhabit more of my reality! But at least I'll get there sooner than NEVER, and that's what matters.

If you have a 'sooner than never' dream or if you've been struggling to adapt your dream to our current reality, feel free to reach out to me--anytime. I don't have the answers, but I have a listening ear and would love to help you navigate challenges and changes in your life.

Peace & love,


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