Painting Equipments

  Date with Paint!   

   Fall in love with abstract painting  

  in 4 FREE lessons!  


For adults who are craving less stress & more

creativity in their life

Learn the
techniques, tools & creative tricks
artists use to 

create gorgeous wall-worthy works of art

  • letting go and allowing your intuition to guide you

  • adopting a posture of curiosity and exploration

  • getting intimately acquainted with your artist tools

  • learning what supplies to use & when

  • polishing and editing with intention

  • making brave and effective artistic decisions 

  • finding your inner artist and cozying up to abstract


A mini course for...

  • Anyone looking for a creative way to find release from the stresses of daily life.

  • Anyone who desires to try painting but just doesn't know where to begin.

  • Anyone who has found themselves intrigued by abstract art and have wondered if they could learn how to do it. 

  • Beginner artists who want to continue developing their craft.

  • Artists looking for new inspiration and ideas. 

My name is Lisa and I'm an abstract artist. Painting gives me deep and indescribable joy, it helps me process life, gives me purpose, and teaches me to be fully present to experience all that life has to offer.


I paint to express myself but it's also important to me to create something beautiful that inspires and brings joy to others. I love creating intuitively and letting the canvas evolve organically, but I also love being fully acquainted with the principles of design, colour and form so that I can intentionally add finishing touches that give art its "IT factor"!  


In this class you will do some exploring and playing, and then you will paint one larger abstract piece. This will get you started into your journey of artistic discovery. I want to teach you how to let go of expectations and judgements and allow your wonderful intuition to flow freely into your work... and at the same time, I want to teach you how to edit and tweak your work to create something beautiful. 


I'm excited to see you inside the course! Peace & love to you!


What's included...

Lesson 1: Eyes on Supplies (18 MINS)

  • which supplies to start with

  • what they cost

  • where to get them

  • lesson notes (PDF download)

Lesson 2: Tools R Cool (45 MINS)

  • adopt a posture of childlike curiosity as you experiment with 12 different tools

  • create 12 different mini abstracts

  • lesson notes (PDF download)

Lesson 3: Intuition (38 MINS)

  • 'art-storming' (like brain-storming, but with paint!)

  • begin to create your large abstract piece of art

  • tap into your intuitive knowledge of colour, line and form

  • lesson notes (PDF download)

Lesson 4: Intention (28 MINS)

  • shift your focus to become more intentional as you add the finishing touches to your large painting 

  • edit and polish according to the elements of composition and design

  • go from merely 'paint on a canvas' to a 'work of art' that you are proud to hang on your wall!

  • lesson notes (PDF download)

BONUS: FB Support Community

As a student you'll gain access to the Lisa Golem Art Facebook community, where you will be surrounded by a supportive community of past and current students as well as gaining the opportunity to ask and receive support directly from Lisa.

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