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The First Snow inspired me to Teach This!

"Winter Wonderland", 2020.

The first snow has always been sentimental to me... (I know, most of you are going, "UGH...snow!!"); but for me, it always makes me think about my Mom and how child-like she would become the first time it snowed. My Mom was an artist as well, and I think all artists manage to hold onto that little bit of 'childlike wonder' that the world knocks out of most adults! Well, that's my theory anyways, lol!

So please check out my latest tutorial, "Winter Wonderland"!

And if you enjoy it, please consider helping me out by subscribing to my channel while you are there! :) Don't forget to stock up on supplies for my tutorials:

And if you paint along, please share your results with me on FB or email! I would love to see them. Here's some links to help you connect with me!

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