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FREE Summer Paint & Sip Online Tutorials!!

For the summer, RAWc Studio is launching online paint & sip tutorials FOR FREE! In September, tickets will be $10/person. You can paint along on your own, invite some friends for a backyard session as everyone follows along on their phones or tablets, paint along with friends/family/co-workers that are in your COVID-bubble, or even have everyone paint on their own and then get together to compare your masterpieces! They are free for you to use however you like!

New videos come out on "TUTORIAL TUESDAY" each week. A convenient Amazon Prime supply list is provided in each video description, or feel free to make a trip to the dollar store or Michael's (which may save you a bit of money). Make plans to take advantage of this limited time offer.... let's make the summer of 2020 a time of expanding your creativity!!

Here is the link to Tutorial #1--"Hairy the Owl" from July 7th!

Tutorial # 2, "Summer Sunset"...

Tutorial # 3--"A Naked Tree"...

Let's make this summer FUN! Insert the 'art' in pARTy!!!!!

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