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Pastel Flowers for a Bride

"Duet" 2018 (c) Lisa Golem

Every once in awhile, a commission piece comes along that stretches you and morphs you into a better, more rounded artist. As most of you know, I am mostly about vivid colour palettes and dramatic abstracts that evoke emotion. But a very special lady wanted a painting for her daughter as a wedding gift, and I wanted to create something that perfectly suited the young brides tastes. She was absolutely enthralled with pastel pinks, muted eggshell whites, cream colours and golds, and appreciated nuance and subtlety in artwork.

So, to be honest, creating the piece you see above was a bit of a daunting task at first. As an artist, though, I believe my job is to learn all I can about a customers heart, then paint from a place within myself that resonates or connects to a similar place or feeling.

I haven't done many commissions... probably less than 10. Historically I have mostly created for my own pleasure. But I must admit, it was tremendously rewarding to visit the heart of another and create from that place... and then to see her joy upon receiving it was truly a gift. It's what artists live for.

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