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Online Art Classes, Mentorship  & Community

Wednesday nights @ 7:30pm.   Join us!


Everything you could look for in an

in the comfort of your own home studio

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1. Virtual Live Classes with Lisa Golem, Valuable Feedback, Lifetime access to Replays ($35/Class Value x 3/Month)

2. Gorgeous Wall-Worthy Art
Made by You

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3. Online Community to Connect & Collaborate

[$27/Month Value]

4. Paint & Sip Nights & Shenanigans one Wed/month
[Value--$25/Class, but really... PRICELESS!]

Total Value: $157/Month
Regular price:  $57/Month

Fall SPECIAL Price: $39/Month (+HST)!


FREE Date With Paint! Beginner's 4-Lesson Crash Course on everything from supplies and technique basics to creating your first piece of art 

[$47 Value]


SUPPLIES you need to get started in the course! 

Wednesdays   @ 7:30pm

This mentorship is perfect for...

  • Anyone who desires to try painting but just doesn't know where to begin.

  • Anyone who has found themselves intrigued by abstract art and have wondered if they could learn how to do it. 

  • Past Paint & Sip students who want to keep the creativity going online with friends & community!

  • Adults who are looking for a creative way to find release from the stresses of daily life.

  • Beginner artists who want to continue developing their craft.

  • Current artists just looking for new inspiration, ideas & an art community to connect with.

  • Anyone who knows how powerful it would be to escape daily life and dive into abstract for a while, within a mentor & community of people who totally get where you're coming from

"OMG it was fun...While Lisa's teaching, she's fun, she's crazy. There's no mistakes. Every thing is a teachable moment. She brings out the best in you... You could screw up but then...she gives you techniques to turn that 'mistake' into something else/better." - Karen Heron

Included in your mentorship EACH MONTH...


3 One Hour Online Sessions with Lisa

+ Corresponding Instruction Videos (Abstract)

  • laugh, learn, feel, create

  • dive into a new world of artist techniques

  • learn to LET GO & get lost in your own creativity

  • experience inspiration & passion on a deeper level

  • get live feedback from Lisa 

  • give and receive feedback from other artists in the class

  • create something incredible every single class

  • complete at least one polished abstract each month


Create Art for Yourself, to Give as Gifts or Sell to your New Admirers

  • you will create wall-worthy work that you can hang throughout your home 

  • your art can also make very meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones

  • as you share your passion, you may even find yourself being commissioned to paint as your skills and reputation grow!


Paint & Sip
(2 hr session)

  • grab a cup of tea, glass of wine or other bevvy of choice

  • create a realistic piece with step-by-step instructions

  • chat with others in the class, get to know each other

  • goof around with the group as you paint 

  • shake off the stresses of the month - similar to Lisa's Live In Person Paint & Sip Nights but in the comfort of your home)

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Learn with Friends

  • Even though you'll most certainly make connections within the class, why not add to the fun?

  • Grab a friend and paint along with Lisa together!

  • Share ideas and work with each other as you go

Painting Equipments

Instruction on Supplies & Tools

  • Lisa understands that supplies can be overwhelming, so if you're unsure, she can help you order your first supply kit from Michael's 

  • full supplies list (start with the basics OR go all in!)

  • expand your mind and embrace unconventional tools you can find in your own home

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Learn to Let Go

  • 'art-storming' (like brain-storming, but with paint!)

  • tap into your intuitive knowledge of colour, line and form

  • access the power of your right brain to bring you into a flow state when you create

  • experience the healing benefits of flow state including enhanced relaxation, creativity, focus and contentment

  • learn how to intentionally add  finishing touches to make your art 'SING' without activating your inner critic 

  • learn the elements of composition and design until they become second nature, so that you can maintain the sense of 'FLOW' throughout the process

  • go from merely 'paint on a canvas' to a 'work of art' that you are proud to hang on your wall!

  • & so so so (so) much more!

Paint pARTy CLUB...

  • If you're not ready for a weekly commitment to develop as an artist, Lisa has added "Paint pARTy Club"--a way to simply enjoy a paint pARTy every month with the group on the fourth Wed night of each month! 

What  Lisa's students are saying...

Meet Lisa Golem :)

I've been an artist for 30+ years. I'm best known for my super-fun Paint & Sip Nights (always a blast - online or in person) and my whirlwind YouTube art demos. This signature course, TAKE IT TO ART, is the culmination of all of it and I can not wait to get started.


As a therapist (in my former life) and an art lover, I know that anyone can change their life with art. I can't count how many times painting has brought me through a difficult time in my life. It gives me deep and indescribable joy, it helps me process life, gives me purpose, and teaches me to be fully present to experience all that life has to offer. 

I paint to express myself but it's also important to me to create something beautiful that inspires and brings joy to others. I love creating intuitively and letting the canvas evolve organically, but I also love being fully acquainted with the principles of design, colour and form so that I can intentionally add finishing touches that give art its "IT factor"!  

In this program you will do some exploring and playing, and you will paint at least one wall-worthy abstract piece every month. My heart's desire is to teach you how to let go of expectations and judgements and allow your wonderful intuition to flow freely into your work... and at the same time, I want to teach you how to edit and tweak your work to create something beautiful. 

I'm excited to see you inside the course! Peace & love to you!