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TAKE IT TO ART / painting & well-being course

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An INnovative 5-STAGE approach to making meaningful art that comes from your deepest self! To make truly impactful art, it is so important to connect with yourself first both emotionally and spiritually. This is then combined with comprehensive art technique instruction and practice. You will also have the opportunity to become part of a vibrant FB community to further support you in your artistic journey. Here are the 5 STAGES: 1. INtrospection 2. INspiration 3. INtuition 4. INtention 5. INtensity There is a corresponding video for each stage, plus 3 extra videos of Lisa going through the stages start to finish with 3 paintings. How you will benefit from following through with the course: 1. increased emotional well-being and lower stress 2. increased self-awareness and self-esteem 3. increased connection to your spirit, and deeper connection to a 'Higher power' (defined in whatever way works for you) 4. increased creative freedom and fearlessness in your work 5. instruction on the elements of art and principles of design 6. instruction in use of the 'tools of the trade' and the array of art supplies available to you.

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